'Ain't The Way I Work' - OUT NOW!

18th February 2021

The NG band's current single 'Ain't The Way I Work' is out now to buy on iTunes/Amazon. Check out our music video over on YouTube as well. It'll cheer up your day, I promise! Like, comment, share, etc. I am also on twitter, @NickGladdish - come say hi and tell me what you think. n x

'Blurry Lines' digital download & Album News 2020

2nd April 2020

Hey everyone, you can download my single 'Blurry Lines' as a digital download only, from all the usual online stores. There's the full band version and a piano/vocal only version.

The Nick Gladdish band will return, hopefully later in the year, summertime maybe, when all this Corona Virus pandemic has calmed down. Who knows? In the meantime, the band and I have been working new material (remotely) for what will become 'Last One Get the Lights' L.P. I have also been collaborating with my good friend Lee Brown on a sideline E.P. Most of that material has been written, just waiting to record again. Anyway, i'll be uploading new videos/pics to this site soon. Cheers everyone, Nick x

Tall Stories EP & Seconds Treasured LP available to buy online!

12th January 2018

My latest EP 'Tall Stories' can now be downloaded online at the usual stores, e.g. Amazon, iTunes, etc., and streamed on Spotify, Deezer etc. Thank you to everyone involved with the project! I'm buzzing from from the recording process again! Also available to buy online, is my previous eleven track album release, 'Seconds Treasured, Memories Measured'. Thankyou for your continued support everyone, Nick x

Casualkai - back in the studio!

7th May 2016

I am pleased to announce the return of Casualkai. It's been 7 years since we last wrote and recorded together as a 4 piece unit. Back in 2014, we got back together for a one off gig at The Central Bar, Gateshead, and it was probably the best we'd ever played. in turn, that gig has ignited our collective love to do something again creatively. Iniital rehearsals are going really well and we've a case load of new material in the works. we're in a buzzing place at the minute! N

Live studio session

23rd August 2013, 18.34

Hello, feel free to check out some live studio sessions that my covers band 'The Decades' recorded on 16th Aug '13 @ Loft Studios, Newcastle. We recorded piano led versions of 'High n Dry' by Radiohead 'Wild Wood' by Paul Weller. Enjoy.

First review of the album \'Seconds Treasured\'

28th April 2013, 13.00

Many thanks to Roland J Monger for his recent review of my album. click on the reviews tab and have a read and if anyone is interested in ordering a copy of the record, please e-mail me and I can make arrangements to get it sent out. In the process of making the record available online via iTunes, Amazons, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, etc.Cheers, hope to see you at a gig soon, Nick.

Album artwork for \"Seconds Treasured\"

21st February 2013, 18.50

Special thanks to Martin Bishop for designing the artwork for the recent album. Cheers, you have done a great job! Please check out his website for other art related projects, etc.

Finally...solo album getting pressed. Gigs to follow...

28th January 2013, 20.46

Getting the new album "Seconds Treasured, Memories Measured" pressed as I write this. (based in Plymouth) have been ace and I will recommend them to all my singer/songwriter buddies here in the North-East. Got there in the end. I am looking to get a CD launch gig sorted with "The Decades" in the coming few months once I have the record up on itunes for download. Cheers for your continued support and letting me do what I love! In the meantime enjoy the two studio offerings from the new album and I hope to catch you at one of my gigs in the near future.

\"Coming Home To You\" and \"Left A Mark\" MP3s uploaded, enjoy....

14th December 2012, 19.13

"Coming Home To You" features our very own "right, now then" Testo on acoustic lead! The other song is "Left a Mark" which I've been airing on the local circuit.I hope to have things sorted (duplication wise, printing, etc. back end of Dec / early Jan 2013). Nearly there. In the meantime, got some cool December gigs lined up and we have the brilliant "madhatter" charity gig 24th Jan @ the Bridge Hotel where I will be playing along side the excellent Lesley Rowley and Hattie Murdoch.Happy Friday guys. to Opera Bar for more plastic pop pretending and keeping it safe with the punters. Bread n butter gig, it's a laugh.

New album in the mixing stages...

15 August 2012, 19.26

Hello, a bit of news. I am back in the studio this weekend mixing my solo album: "Seconds Treasured, Memories Measured". 11 new songs, some of which i have been airing on the local circuit. Just a quick thank you to Martin Bishop for his work on the album's artwork and inlay design, cheers! and a big thank you to Graham Testo (Guitars) and Jon Tait (Harmonica) for their contributions to some of the recordings, really happy guys. More news to follow. N

\"Phased Out\" (live, acoustic)

03 July 2012, 20.18

Hi, I have just uploaded an acoustic live performance of "Phased Out" by my ex-band Casualkai, Enjoy. This performance was filmed by Christine Owen on the 21st June 2012 @ The Brandling Villa Pub, Newcastle. More to follow...

You Tube Channel now live...

07 May 2012, 21.00

Hello, i have just uploaded two live acoustic performances from a gig i did on 19th April 2012 @ The Brandling Villa bar in Gosforth, Newcastle. Both performances are versions of Casualkai tracks. The first is "400 Miles" which was written in 2001 and the second track is "Us And Us Only" which is from the band's long player "Snapshots". Enjoy

New Look Website...

10 Apr 2012, 16.13

Hello and welcome to my simplified new look site. Firstly, i would like to thank Anthony Gladdish for updating the site, etc. Cheers! Anything and everything related to future projects, news and live dates will be updated here first and fed via my Music Facebook page. If you would like to keep up to date with studio recordings, etc. visit Video Vault coming soon via my personal Youtube channel AND i am also in the process of creating and updating my back catalogue of recordings: Solo, Casualkai, Spacebaby, Numb & Collaborations, etc. which will (in time) be available for digital download via Itunes, Amazon, etc. Thankyou, enjoy! Nick

Dorian Gray Rock Opera...

06 Apr 2012, 12.18

Yep, you heard right. over the past few months, i have been laying down vocal parts for Lee M T's "A Picture Of Dorian Gray". I am very thrilled to be working on such an exciting project. As i am aware, all the demo-ing and recording of the tracks are complete and the project is now in the mixing and mastering stages. More news to follow.

My late uncle and our blues/jazz collab in Aug 2000

27 Feb 2010, 6:02pm

Hello musicians, friends, family, music lovers, etc.

I will endevour to post more on my myspace site, websites, etc. as i've alot of creative juice at the mo and alot of songs have been written over the years - but i put all that to one side to concentrate on various bands, etc. BUT NOT IN 2010 - I've an album to put together of my stuff and a collaborative project to finish with Patrick Snape of the "unstable tables".

In the meantime, i invite you all to check out a blues / jazz session myself and my late uncle Dereck (god rest his jazzy soul) - did back In August 2000 which i've titled "Cottage Jam EP" because well...we were in a cottage, had some beers and put some tunes down onto my 4-track machine which i later tidied up on my cubase setup, added piano in 2009.

"Us and us only" was the 1st take of a riff that was to become and eventually became the Casualkai version with lyrics in 2009 from the Snapshots album.

"Troublin sax" is based on a traditional blues riff that has been played many times over the different decades. I use to play a vocal version with my pal lee in casualkai when he and i did the student circuit at hull uni, 1998-2001.

"400 miles" Is another "nick gladdish" composition that took shape when my late uncle jammed the thing out with me. I had lyrics and a song written, but wanted to jam an instrumental version with him.

I hope you enjoy the tunes, until next time...

Nick x

Fatcats Unplugged...My new acoustic showcase in toon!!

27 Feb 2010, 6:02pm

On the gigging front - i have just started to run an unplugged acoustic night in Newcastle. Fatcats cafe/bar is the venue. There was no platform in town for singer/songwriters to showcase their stuff in a rootsy kind of way - the only places that seemed to do "unplugged" sessions were folk nights. At fatcats, I am booking performers who raise the bar again and who play honest, stripped down unplugged sets. We've had some great nights so far! NOT only is the Music night fantastic - but you will be treated to top notch homemade food / drink - all served 'til 1030pm. Get down for a truly alternative Music night. This is NOT AN OPEN MIC NIGHT! I am the night's host who opens the evening with a set - i then have 3 guest acts each playing 30 min sets. It's free entry, starts at 8pm.

Recording update: Patrick and i have pretty much finished "Some kind" - just some percussion parts / violin parts to go and then mix the thing together!

Thanks for reading this, Nick.

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